The DeckMATE Railing Table

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The DeckMATE Railing Table Story

Why Invent the DeckMATE Railing Table?

the-DeckMATE was invented to add space out of thin air. It helps solve the problem of limited space in your outdoor setting. Now when you have parties on your deck or patio you can instantly add space without using any floor space! the-DeckMATE can be used on the inside or outside of your deck or patio railing and secures to all shapes and sizes of railings making it the perfect accessory table. the-DeckMATE is ideal for those who live in an apartment or who have smaller outdoor areas.

Who Invented the DeckMATE Railing Table?

the-DeckMATE was invented by On The Edge Creations, LLC. On The Edge Creations, LLC merged with Real Life Products, LLC to obtain assistance in producing the-DeckMATE at a quality level and cost that would be acceptable to the consumer. Real Life Products used established relationships with American manufacturers to cut costs in production to manufacture an innovative, quality American made product!

How Durable is the DeckMATE Railing Table?

the-DeckMATE frame screams quality! It is powder-coated and made with aircraft grade aluminum, which is one of the most durable metals available to the consumer! The frame is UV and weather resistant. This means the sun, snow, rain, ice and wind will not damage or deteriorate the frame! the-DeckMATE has an innovative strapping system that allows it to securely attach to all different shapes and sizes of railings. It has a strong metal leg that secures to the bottom of the railing, and offers extra support for heavier items.

Where Did Real Life Products Make Improvements?

When Real Life Products became owners of the-DeckMATE we not only cut costs to help bring you a better price, we also created two other versions of the-DeckMATE! The three versions of the-DeckMATE each offer the consumer a quality product at different price points. Each version comes with the option of a White or Black frame however; each version offers a different option for the top.

What are the Different Versions?

Glass Top Version

This version of the-DeckMATE comes with a tempered glass top. What is a tempered glass top? Tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. It is stronger than standard glass, and it shatters instead of breaking into long sharp shards. Tempering creates balanced internal stresses which cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards.

Acrylic Top Version

This version of the-DeckMATE comes with an acrylic top. What is acrylic? Acrylic is a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. It is also known as plexiglass. Why offer an acrylic version? The acrylic top is not as costly as tempered glass therefore; we can sell this version of the-DeckMATE at a lower price than the Glass Top Version. Also, some customers do not want a glass top. Importantly, the Acrylic Top Version has the same elegant and stylish look of the Glass Top Version but you save some money. Actually, at first glance it is hard to tell the two apart!

Frame Only Version

The Frame Only version of the-DeckMATE comes with a frame ONLY. It is the same frame that is available in the Glass or Acrylic versions but slightly larger to allow for standard width boards on the top. Why sell the-DeckMATE without a top? This allows the consumer to completely customize their own version of the-DeckMATE, while saving money. You can cut and fit left over deck boards, trim, tile or other surface material to create a custom deckMATE that matches or complements your deck or patio.


the-DeckMATE helps solve a common problem... the need for additional and stable space on your deck or patio. Real Life Products creates "Engineered Products for Real Life" that are innovative, high quality and American made... the-DeckMATE meets all of these criteria and is a welcome addition to our portfolio of products.