The DeckMATE Railing Table

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Installation & FAQ

Is the-DeckMATE secure?

Yes! the-DeckMATE is very secure. It has unique hold-down straps that wrap around and fit snug and tight to your railing. There is a clip with a hold-down pin that keeps the straps from coming loose. the-DeckMATE comes with an adjustable securing leg that allows for proper mounting on the railing and gives extra support for heavier items.

Will the-DeckMATE fit my railing?

Yes! the effortless mounting system allows the DeckMATE to fit any shape or size railing. The adjustable mounting leg can expand to 42 inches in length; the majority of deck or patio railings do not exceed 42 inches in height.

How do I tighten my top clips?

The top clips on the Luxury and Classic versions help secure the glass and acrylic in place. When tightening the clips you should use a battery or electric drill with a screw bit. You should apply pressure when tightening the screws. If you use a philips screw driver tool to tighten the clips then you will need to press down hard in order for the screws to bite and screw into place. An electric or battery Drill is the preferred method.

What top does the Frame Only version come with?

The Frame Only version DOES NOT come with a top. This version comes with the frame only. You customize your own top with your own material. We have made the frame slightly larger to allow for standard width boards.

What are the-DeckMATE Specs?

Glass Top Version

Acrylic Top Version

Frame Only Version