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Product Description

Disguise and protect equipment all year long with this innovative cover. TRiCC Protective Cover has been field tested and certified not to short cycle or overheat running equipment. Also, this unique cover will significantly reduce the noise of running equipment. No more noisy, ugly equipment creating eyesores in your yard!

How does this work? TRiCC Protective Cover looks exactly like a bush, but underneath the beauty is a rigid hard frame system that works behind the scenes to keep your equipment running efficiently while simultaneously reducing the noise. The hard frame is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is a 100% recycled hard plastic that is extremely durable. This plastic will not break down or degrade over time. You can rest assured that your equipment will be hidden from sight but also remain protected. The HDPE frame is made to easily assemble together within seconds! It has air louvers built in to each panel that allows for proper air flow of running equipment.

An independent engineering firm that is LEED, ASHRAE & NEBB Certified conducted a field test on TRiCC Protective Cover. In the test, the engineers covered a running air conditioner with our TRiCC Protective Cover. After conducting the field test the engineers concluded that there was NO damage done to the running air conditioner and, to our surprise, they found that TRiCC Protective cover significantly reduced the noise of the air conditioner!

TRiCC is offered in several sizes and it is perfect for disguising anything that you want to hide including air conditioners, heat pumps, generators, pool pumps, electrical boxes and even trash cans! The hard frame assembles around the equipment you want to hide and then you insert the evergreen limbs into the panels. The limbs help to create a natural looking evergreen bush. Once assembled, the TRiCC Protective Cover offers great protection to your equipment. It can stop falling limbs, dirt, snow, ice and other debris from damaging your equipment. If you need to disguise or protect something in your yard then TRiCC Protective Cover is right for you!

Details & Specs

  • Comes with 3 side panels, 1 top panel, air collar, limbs, and securing stakes; everything you need to assemble a whole unit
  • Hard frame is made with 100% recycled high density polyethylene
  • Evergreen limbs have a stainless steel core and class 6 vinyl to offer a green natural look that will not fade
  • Easily tilts forward to allow for easy access to equipment
  • Offers significant noise reduction of running equipment
  • Fully ventilated to allow for proper airflow of running equipment
  • Field tested and certifed by an independent engineering firm that is LEED, NEBB and ASHRAE certified

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