Installation & FAQ

How do I measure my equipment?

When measuring your equipment you should record three dimensions; Width, Height and Depth.

To measure the width you should face and be looking at the front of your equipment that you want to hide. With a tape measure you should measure from the left end to the right end of the equipment (do not measure base pad).

To measure the height you should face and look at the front of your equipment that you want to hide. With the tape measure you should measure from the ground or top of the pad (whatever the equipment sits on) to the very top of your equipment.

To measure the depth you should face and look at the front of your equipment that you want to hide. Measure from the front to the back of the equipment.

It is very important that you measure and record dimensions as accurate as possible, because one inch could make the difference between a larger or smaller TRiCC Protective Cover. After measuring and recording your dimensions you can then enter them into our sizer app located on our Buy Now Page, and calculate what size cover you need!

How do I use the sizer app?

On the Buy Now Page, we have a sizer app. After measuring the equipment that you want to hide you should enter those dimensions into the sizer app. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you enter the correct dimensions into the proper field, ex. the height of your equipment should be entered into the height field. DO NOT MIX WIDTH AND HEIGHT OR WIDTH AND DEPTH (Read the previous question to learn how to measure your equipment and what we determine the height, width and depth to be). It is very important that you do not enter the wrong dimensions because it may cause you to buy the wrong model. After entering the dimensions, you should click or press the calculate button. This will calculate what size cover you need, and the name of the model will appear. You then can select the matching model from the buy now drop down menu. Then, to buy your cover you need to click the buy now button.

How was TRiCC field tested and certified?

Before launching TRiCC Protective Cover we had to build prototypes and adjust our designs inorder to create a cover that would not shortcycle or overheat running equipment. To ensure this would not happen we hired an independent engineering firm to conduct a field test of our product covering a running air conditioner. The independent engineering firm is LEED, NEBB and ASHRAE certified. While conducting their test, the firm adjusted temperatures to mimick hot and cold days. They concluded that TRiCC Protective Cover WILL NOT damage a running air conditioner! This means you can use TRiCC Protective Cover all year long, and cover equipment even while it runs and operates. Also, we found that TRiCC Protective Cover significantly reduces the noise of running equipment! Now, you can disguise, protect and reduce noise all at the same time.

Unanswered question?

If you have any questions about installing TRiCC Protective Cover then please feel free to contact us.