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We offer you the chance to partner with us and use our experience and existing relationships to help launch and create success for your brand.

A Journey To Success

We understand how difficult it is to take an idea and turn it into a brand ready for sale. Without the proper experience and connections your idea or product may remain just that, a great idea or product. How will you market it and sell it? Will it become stagnate waiting for a "big break" into retail or wholesale?

As we built RLP and its supporting brands, we have gained extensive knowledge about the sequence to follow in bringing a brand to market with the proper protections to help ensure success and brand longevity. Additionally, we have developed valuable knowledge about the retail and wholesale markets and built great business relationships. This experience and knowledge can now be leveraged to assist other inventors in their own journey to success. RLP can assist you in all phases of product development and commercialization:

Patenting & Manufacturing

Real Life Products will help you design your vision on paper and start the patenting process. We will introduce you to reputable patent attorneys who have success in patent approvals. They can file and start the process for you. When we become partners our resources become your resources.

Our engineers will create a model of your invention that is practical and functions correctly. Wherever possible we will focus on design elements of your brand that differentiate it and protect it as part of the patent process. Why build prototypes? Prototypes allow you to make adjustments and work out the "kinks" in your invention before you mass produce.

How can Real Life Products help you manufacture? RLP has experience in building custom tooling and we own machinery that custom builds our products. The right tool is necessary to create manufacturing success, cost effective and reliable production. So, if the tool to produce your product doesn't yet exist we can assist you in finding an experienced and reliable manufacturer to design and produce it. We have relationships with multiple manufacturing plants across the U.S. that produce our brands that may be able to produce yours as well. If your brand needs a different expertise in manufacturing, we can help you source the right facility. We hope you will share our goal of maintaining work in the U.S. by choosing American manufacturing.

If you are already working with a manufacturer(s) but feel your costs of production are too high then we will assess the workflow and cost structure to determine if we can help you lower the costs of production. We have experience with our own brands in reducing manufacturing costs. A great example of our success in this area is, the-DeckMATE story. We were able to restructure our terms with our material suppliers to lower overall production costs.

Warehousing & Distribution

We have warehouses strategically located across the U.S. which allows us to keep our transportation costs down. We can store large amounts of inventory in any of our warehouse locations. We are capable of mass producing your brand through our manufacturing channels, and then provide storage and distribution of your inventory in our warehouses. RLP is looking to expand our business by creating new relationships with companies who need help in warehousing and distribution of their product(s). We have warehouse space available for lease and we offer distribution services across the U.S.!

Already selling product? If you are looking to expand sales across the U.S. while keeping your transportation costs down RLP can assist you by locating and providing additional warehouse space strategically located regionally. RLP can meet your inventory management needs! Our warehouses meet state and federal regulations. Your inventory will be safe and secure in a locked warehouse with proper security measures in place. When you warehouse and distribute with RLP we will treat your product like it is our own!

RLP is experienced in shipping deadlines required by Big Box or online retailers. RLP will offer solutions and recommendations in planning your distribution approach. With proper networking and planning ahead of time you can save money. Meeting on time demand with quality service is one component of achieving retail success!

Marketing & Sales

Real Life Products can help you turn your product into a household brand. We will conduct market research to help determine your specific target market, key success factors and pricing. RLP will research who and what your competition looks like, what their success factors are and then construct a marketing plan to launch or reposition your brand (based on its life cycle) to drive growth. We do all of our creative work in house! We have our own graphic design team that can handle all of your creative needs.

We can build a custom website or e-commerce site that fully expresses your brand and provides an immediate point of sale. RLP will use programming and the latest design techniques to make your site interactive, exciting and effective. We will help push the message and educate the consumer about your brand through our design. The goal is to make online shopping for your brand easy for the customer.

Need assistance with selling your brand? Real Life Products has assembled a sales team consisting of some of the best reps in the country! We have working relationships with buyers in all industries, which includes big box retailers. Our sales team will form an effective sales approach to get your brand in front of the right buyers. We will work to get your brand immediately on e-commerce stores like and Then, our sales team will use their relationships with existing clients to get your brand in stores.

Need e-commerce capabilities but don't want to build your own site? We can sell your brand on our own e-commerce site. If you handle all of your own marketing and you are interested in simply selling your brand on our e-commerce site then please Contact Us. Do Not miss another selling season!